Graffiti MiC

We’re having a fab time with all the urban style image released between Make it Crafty and Little Miss Muffet Stamps and today we’re updating ya’ll with even more fab inspiration!  Plus Little Miss Muffet Stamps has released ten more images to the collection that you’ll want, fo’sure!

Click HERE to get to the action over on the GraffitParty blog!

For my card I’ve used the Graffiti MiC from Little Miss Muffet Stamps then combined it with Urban Nico and the Urban Elements from Make it Crafty to create this scene.  I went with a monochromatic theme again ad a little splash of colors – but I’ve honestly colored several full colored images in between – it’s just that this is all you’re “seeing” here on the blog lately.  LOL  But I love the look and it draw attention to both areas equally, I think.

One thing I tried to do with this is create a hole in the wall and use the wood fence element to make it look like it was boarded up.  Then I could color the circles on the end of the board slats as nails but I’m not sure that they look any more like nails that before!  LOL  Next time, I’ll have to go heavy on the highlights and really give them a shine.

Click HERE to get to the action over on the GraffitParty blog!
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