Miss Hood in the Woods

I was experimenting with night time skies and decided to color up this merged image which includes Miss Hood and In the Woods from Make it Crafty – two images that were born to go together.  Of course, there are other possibilities with these images too! 

My experiment was to color a sky that looked like dawn or twilight without having it actually look like a sunset or sunrise.  So I stuck with the blues and made it dark at the top and light on the horizon.  I darkened the trees with blue as well then from the bottom corners I darkened the image with a little green.  I’m not sure if that’s what the woods would look like at dawn but I think I’m getting the general point across.  What do you think?

The card itself is extremely simple.  I had printed out the image 5.5″ by 4.25″ so I trimmed a bit off the edges and mounted it on black card stock.  Finished!  LOL

14 thoughts on “Miss Hood in the Woods

  1. Absolut gorgeous work here again Barbara, and your coloring is also just as amazing as usual hun. I just LOVE this card here, it´ll be soooo perfect for any little girl around, I´m sure………….or bigger girl maybe even? he he he


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