Forest Friends Sabina

I’ve counted up the days and it’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve actually been able to color and complete an image.  It’s sad, I know, but I hope to change that this week and get back into the craft room for some play time!  But lucky for you, I have several projects saved up that haven’t been posted yet… they were just waiting for some time when I could write!

This card uses Forest Friends Sabina and some other accessory stamps from the Forest Friends line from Little Miss Muffet Stamps to create this scene.  The colors I pulled from the papers and then used a simple design for the layout so that most of the colors would be focused on the image.  With Sabina the skunk being black and white, the bright colors look vibrant, which I like.  😀

This was colored on Crygon Shimmering White paper so the white specks you see in the black are actually sparkles!  You can find this image and all the other Forest Friend images in the LMMS Store… which I’m still working at making improvements.  You may not see them, but I aim for at least one a day!  Like an apple!  LOL

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