Maritime Abode – Two Ways

I’m so excited to share today’s Product Feature over at the Make it Crafty store blog and I even dive into memory lane.  He he he.  But here’s the shortened version:  The very first Make it Crafty image I purchased was way back in 2010 when there were only a few images to choose from and I had to buy them all!  I was so scared to color them and didn’t even know where to start, let alone what colors to use!!  So what did I do?  He he he… I looked at the store sample Zoe had posted and colored it exactly to match.  Wow, that was hard for me and such a change from doing regular characters!  Plus I was so worried I would mess it up but after several hours I managed to complete it.  (That was the Slimy House, click HERE.)

Then I started to experiment with the skies and with each background I became more confident and brave in trying something new.  And after the second attempt, I was hooked!  (That was the Haunted Halloween House, HERE.) I knew this was going to be enjoyable and so I continually stalked the Make it Crafty store continually looking for new backgrounds.  LOL  It’s true!  But don’t tell Zoe that!  He he he.  The next two background I colored was really challenging.  (Alchemist Chamber, HERE, and Old Oak Tree, HERE.)

By this time I was comfortable with the ideas of a background (i.e. a super large image to color) but I was still working on other aspects such as lighting and color choices.   Meaning there was still a lot of mental pondering going on and these projects were spread out over days.  However, it was around this period that I started looking at the backgrounds as puzzles to solve and I love puzzles!

Now let me fast forward into the present and share another aspect about Make it Crafty’s backgrounds that I love.  There is actually two aspects… first the backgrounds are detailed enough that they can be the main focus such as the next two projects I’ll share below.  And second, the backgrounds are so versatile that simply changing the sky or the colors used will change the whole scene!  For example, Maritime Abode in this post.  The windows are open and it looks like a perfect sunny day to run around in the grass and maybe even enjoy a picnic.  This house is something akin to what my Father would make provided he had the resources and I can imagine myself as a child running all through the inside into every nook and cranny.  LOL

Now I’ve taken the same image, Maritime Abode, and changed the scene to be under water instead of above ground!  The main change that I made, of course, is the sky – er, um, the sea with the fish and algae.  Instead of grass there is now seaweed and instead of yellow windows I’ve changed them to a light green.  Plus I’ve removed all the copper metal and made it all steel because in the long run I think it would last longer under water.  Right? I hope so!  LOL  However, I had forgotten to add bubbles but even without those it’s easy to see that it’s under the water.  (Details on the water technique for this version found HERE.)

I hope this has inspired you to color this week and make sure you check out all the backgrounds in the MiC store – there are so many to choose from I’m sure you’ll find something just right!  For more information on the older projects above, you can click on the links below.  Thanks for coming by today and have a great weekend!!

Make it Crafty Images:

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