Gingerbread Candy House

“No! Not the gumdrop buttons!!”  Yes!! And Gingerbread too!  😀  This is a project for the Make it Crafty Store Blog and the image I’ve used in the Gingerbread Candy House.  (And yes, I’ll make this one into a card too … eventually.)

In much the same way that Viv colored the stone bricks at MiC, that same technique can be used to color other things such as this Gingerbread Candy House.  I practically used the same technique for the gingerbread and the gumdrop candies.  However, this time I started with my darkest colors and worked my way up to the lighter ones, using dots all the way.  If they’re done right after the other then eventually as you get to the lighter colors the texture starts to blend a little and making it come all together.

Here’s a close up of the side of the house which shows the gingerbread and gumdrops in more details.  There was a lot of dotting that went into this one but the effect is perfect for what I wanted.  I also wanted to bring in all sorts of colors to make it bright and cheery like candy usually is but hopefully I’ve used enough reds and greens to keep it holiday oriented.  😀  After all, it IS a Gingerbread house!!

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