Sweet Devilina

Welcome!!  It’s my day to post at the Make it Crafty Store Blog! I can’t believe how fast the rest of this year is speeding by and it feels like it should be past Christmas already.  Yikes… I haven’t even had time to truly enjoy Halloween yet.  So for this post I thought I’d share a little spooky inspiration using SweetDevilina .  I won’t even mention how long ago I colored this one (nope, my lips are sealed!) but I wanted to attempt coloring this image in red to give her a more demonic devil look. 

Who knows, maybe this will be Hellboy’s new girlfriend!!  he he he.  I wish I had the colors of reds I used but it was probably a combination of R20s with a bit if R40s or R50s to help.  It turned out much brighter butHellboy would be pleased.  😀  Since her skin was so red, I chose greens and browns to tone them down a little and hopefully give her a more earthly tone rather than a Valentines theme.  The black was a goodneutral to help as well and I used two different tones for her hair and her boots.

Although I’m not sure if I like her in a light skin tone or this darker red.  Either way, she was a fun image to color and I didn’t mind coloring her twice… maybe a third time next year!  I hope to get this one made into a card soon so you’ll have to hold me to it!!  A couple nudges here and there would be good.  LOL  Hope you like her!

That’s all for today and I hope you can be brave enough to try it out on your next project!  :D
Make it Crafty – Sweet Devilina
Colored with Copic Markers

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