Teen Scene Back To School

I’ve got some news to share today, a little on the sad side unfortunately.  I’ve had a wonderful time being on the DT for Simply B Stamps and Simply Challenged Challenges but all things must come to and end.  Most of you know that I’m going back to school full time and wish I could do it all while I did it.  Anyway, this will be my last post as officially on the team but certainly not my last post so you can all breath now.  😀  After all, I bought a new spider punch yesterday just for my SBS cards!!  Hopefully I’ll be able to join in one or two of the challenges in between my school work.

For this project I used three Teen Scene images in the front and set them up waiting for the school bus to arrive.  😀  From left to right are Sporty Lola, Book Pile Miller and Teachers Pet Betty from Simply B Stamps.  Then the background image is Post Office from Just Inklined so the scene takes up the entire card.

My kids take the bus to school so this was directly inspired by them and the mingling of various kids at the corner.  It’s so fun to see all the styles and personalities as they come together for those few moments in the morning.  Don’t you wish the whole school day could be like?!

I want to give a huge thank you to Betty and Suzi for having me on the team and thank you to all my team mates for their inspiring projects each and every week!  I’m going to miss being on the team so I’ll have to be sure to join in on the challenges here and there!  😀  Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Teen Scene Back To School

  1. Wow Barbara, this looks great! Love the stripes on the girls skirt. The whole scene is brilliant! Back to school 🙂 Great coloring, thx for the inspiration…Annika


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