Sonny Honeycloud Poetry

Can you believe it’s Monday already??  Ok for some of you it’s possible because you’re half way through your day… but this weekend just flew past me so quickly that I hardly had time to breath.  It was a good weekend, however, and included lots of shopping!!  Plus I was able to steel away a few moments to ready a book and start the next one in the series.  😀

For my project today I’ve used Sonny Honeycloud Poetry from Little Miss Muffet Stamps drawn by Pollycraft and reading is one of my favorite themese!!  So if you notice I’ve even added a Label for reading called “… be a Bookworm” and you can click on that have all sorts of reading influences and inpsiration flooding your screen.  Besides, I’ve got to do everything I can to promote reading to my kids and they really admire out time crafting together so these are just a few subtles ways that I can sneak that in.  Sneaky, sneaky!!

You’ll want to be sure to visit the LMMS Blog today and se some other great inspiration from the Project Team!  Plus I have some fun news to share… I’m officially on FaceBook!  I’m still not as savvy as I should be but I’ve setup a group for Little Miss Muffet Stamps so come on over and pop in to say “Hi!”  Just click on the image below and you’ll be taken right to it…

Thanks for dropping by and I hope your week has started off wonderfully!  It’s mid summer where I am and we got a little rain today that was perfect and it almost reminded me of spring and autumn (my two favorite seasons) and I hope that tomorrow we’ll get a little more.  😀

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