Maritime Abode

It’s my day at Make it Crafty Blog to share a project and I wanted to try out a new technique today however I’m not sure how it turned out.  None the less I wanted to share what I did and hopefully give you some idea.  I saw a drawing the other day in a magazine that was colored etching, I think.  At least it reminded me of those black papers that you can scratch off and draw in reverse – so instead of adding black to the canvas you’d be taking black away.  I started with the image Maritime Abode from Make it Crafty which I had previously colored…

Then using a black art pen (use size 0.1 or something fine tipped) I started with the darker areas and add scratches into the shadows.  I also went over all the lines with a medium art pen (use size 2.5 or similar) to darken them up. As you can see the lines are sketchy and not precise so I was able to go over the image quickly.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but I was attempting to get it to look like the edges weren’t completely scratched off.  I think I could have used the same technique around the outside of the abode but for that area I only added a darker line.

Here’s what the complete image looks like below.  I added streaks of blue and green for water as if this submarine had sank into the deep ocean.  I should have done the background first before using the art pens because as you can see in some areas the pen smeared when I dragged a Copic marker over it.  It was an interesting experiment and I think it looks better from afar than close up.  Does it looks like etching?  I’m not sure but it certainly changes the image a bit and gives it more of an edge.Thanks for dropping by and maybe you’ll be brave enough to give this a whirl!!

Make it Crafty – Maritime Abode
Copic Markers (E41, E42, E43, E44, YG91, YG93, T4, T6, T8, C1, C3, C5,YG61, G40, Y32, Y35, R32, R37, R39, E50, B91, B93, B95, B97, YG91, YB93, B60, B12, B00)
Graphic Art Pens (0.1 and 2.5)

7 thoughts on “Maritime Abode

  1. I think it is fantastic Barbara and the effect is really wow!I just love the way you have coloured the sea too, that is true art!Thanks for sharing :)Hugs, Jill


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