Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!  I’ve had nothing planned so a little down time has been nice… now time to settle down for a weekend movie.  😀  But before I get to that, here’s a project I’ve revamped using a Some Odd Girl… Sweet Thinkin’ Mae!

The door in the background is actually one of the prototypes for the Park Glen Door Diecut that I was creating so it’s kind of fun to see how that came about.  The hardware was a few things I found in my stash – it’s one of those photo clasps with a brad in the top part which creates the illusion of the door knob.

This cutie was actually kind of fun to use and at the moment I only remember the green color combination which was G82, G40 and G20.  Well, at least I think that was it – I like how it turned out and will have to use that combo again.  I think the hair is done with the Neutral which is now my favorite gray tones to use.  I used to like the Warm tones but Neutral and Toner have sneak into my favorites position.  LOL 

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