Creepin’ Kit

I have some great tags to show off using the Creepin’ Kit from The Greeting Farm plus Cheeky Geeky because she’s so cute and I needed an 8th image!  I made these tags for two reason… first to try out a bunch of different paper types (more on that in a separate post) and second, I needed some year-end Teacher gifts.  School gets out this week and I’m soo looking forward to the break – I think my kids are too!  LOL  Unfortunately for me, my own break is only for another week before my summer classes start.  Bummer. 

Each image is basically colored using the same way but on different paper types.  I wanted to experiment more with The Paper Project so you get a sneak peek at the end results before post about the experiment details.  😀  Lucky you!  So if you see an uncannily similarity between the boys and girls… well, that was planned.  He he he

Everything is built upon a large tag die from Stampin ‘Up and the little ticket tags I used are from Whimsy Stamps and their coordinating ticket die was super quick to use.  So other than just grabbing a few colorful sheets of paper, the coloring is what took the longest on these projects.

I made eight tags and gift bags all together and if you’re familiar with the Creepin’ Kit then you know I would be short one image for all eight tags.  I could have duplicate one, but nah, I was too excited abut Cheeky Geeky which was released this month to pass her by…. some perhaps some would say “With Eight You Get Cheeky Geeky!”  LOL  Ok, movie reference – a bad one, but still a reference.  Can anyone guess which movie?

Each tag was tied together with an envelop onto a small bag full of chocolate… the tag is eye candy, the gold and silver wrapped chocolate is the real candy, but the real treasure is found in the envelope!!  😀  Hmmm, what do you think… a simple Thank You card? A gift certificate somewhere?  Or maybe small promises to redeem later on?  It could be any of those things but unless you find your name on it, then I’m not telling.  ;P

Thanks for letting me share my projects with you today and hope you’re having a fantastic week!  If you get a chance to stop by again, I’ve got some fun things planned including a combined release of Make it Crafty and Simply Betty Stamps, updates on The Paper Project (of course), and exciting news about Little Miss Muffet Stamps!!

10 thoughts on “Creepin’ Kit

  1. These are gorgeous Barbara! Your colouring is, as always, absolutely amazing..they just pop off the page! Love all of the tags they look just so wonderful 🙂


  2. These look amazing! The hair on all of them – especially the guy with the locs – is fantastic! Plus, I like that they have noses now! 😀


  3. Barbara, these images are AMAZING! You just wow me every time. I just got Cheeky Geeky and she is one of my new favs. BTW, I pinned your shipwreck image to my pintrest under who inspires me…seriously, if I learn to color half as well as you, I will be thrilled. You rock!


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