Rio & Frosty

It’s the 7th Day of Christmas over at Simply B Stamps and today it’s all about yummy treats and scary goodness. LOL The challenge is to use or create a Haunted Gingerbread House! Mine’s not very scary but it definitely a Halloween gingerbread house decorated for the season… and who else better to decorate it than Teen Scene Rio! She’s just putting on finishing touches on the snowman now. ;D

I decorated another page in my journal and the images I used are Rio & Frosty from Simply B Stamps and the Ginger Bread House from Make it Crafty in the background. I was going to go for an all Halloween feel but then I thought it would be a fun theme to have the Halloween house decorated for the winter holidays… since even scary houses get snow on them. ;D

The journal page was decorated with a doily that I cut out from a die (from Stampin’ Up) and the “Baby it’s cold outside” card was cut from the decorative paper – sorry I can’t remember the name of it. However, everytime I read it, I get the song stuck in my head. ;D Such a fun song for the winter and I love the composition from the movie Elf with Zooey Deschanel.

I colored the gingerbread using dots of E55, E57 and E59, starting with the darkest going to the lightest – I thought it would give it texture and look more like fresh baked ginger bread. I might have added some E44 and E49 in there as well.

Don’t forget to visit the Simply B Blog for more inspiration on scary gingerbread houses and to submit your own creation! Plus you can see all the other 12 Days of Scary Christmas and join in on the action before it’s really here. Can you believe it … only a week left!! Aaahhh!

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