Peppermint Brooke

Whohoo – it’s the third day of previews for the Sketchy Zombies and I’m excited to show you the other half of one of my journal pages! LOL I had them all printed out before I realized what the order of previews was but at that point didn’t want to change it. He he he… So today we’re showing off Pepermint Brooke from Simply Betty Stamps!

Now you get to finally see the whole project with both half pages together! The image was colored as a whole when as I assembled it I cut each of the layers in half. For the picture I taped it on the back so it would be aligned. ;D

On this side of the project, I used ribbon, charms and more chippies (Mix ‘n Match Centres) from Make it Crafty. The background image is the same – Winter Park from Make it Crafty and this side you can see the bench. Here’s a close up of Peppermint Brooke. It would be funny if she was sucking on a segmented arm or bone … but then she wouldn’t be as cute. LOL

To get a better look at the lightning bolt, I scanned the image in before I cut and covered some of it. To read about how it was done then click HERE for the Falalala Lexi post. As you can see with the larger image I had problems with blending this time around and better paper would have solved that. Unfortunatly, I layered down the darks too fast and wasn’t able to smooth them out. None the less, it still turned out better than I expected.

8 thoughts on “Peppermint Brooke

  1. Amazing!! Love how it all works together. That DT spot was just waiting for you to step into!! I love looking at your work, it always amazes me and fills me with so much inspiration. You really are a fantastic talent xxxxx


  2. I must tell you rocked these images..absolutely freaking fantastic…I love them and can not wait to add these to my collection. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.


  3. Barbara this is flaming well fantastic hun, lord I wish I had your talent….Just been sitting staring for ages….I can't get over this…it's absolutely stunning!!!!Jaw on the floor for sure…xxxps…might play if I get the chance, been having a practice using collall glue as a mask for the lightening…it rubs off after but I need to experiment a lot more….you know I am rubbish at coloring backgrounds…lol I am so scared of this one….x


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