12 Days of Halloween

Here are my final projects for the Simply Betty Stamps 12 Days of Halloween and it’s a good thing that a blog post doesn’t count toward the project! LOL I’ll be coming back in to add more pictures, descriptions and details. Until then… enjoy!

… okey, dokey, I’m back! I’ve put in a vampire movie, grabbed the kids’ Halloween candy and I’m ready to sit back and relax. ;D So let’s get to it…

Sixth day of Halloween
My true love gave to me…
Six goblins gobblings!

The Simply Betty characters I used are Raven & Rio, Max & Miller and Louie & Lola and they were colored green for good measure. The combination I used for the skin was YG91, Y28 and YG93 (maybe YG95).

I had originally planned to color all six Teen Scenes gobbling and place them on a journal page but time ran away from me. It was a good thing that these three brought along their pets to help gobble down that barbecue to count as six! The background is made up of images from Make it Crafty including Aussie BBQ and Urban Street elements; I also used Fine Swirls chippies on two of the cards.

Eighth day of Halloween
My true love gave to me…
Eight monsters shrieking!

Everyone knows that kids are monsters, right? So in this project I used Jude from Simply Betty Stamps jammin’ on his electrical guitar. The other seven monsters are in the Spooky House which is from Make it Crafty, peeking out the windows.

This scene actually reminds me Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends so I had to include Master Blooregard Q. Kazoo in the top window, also known as Bloo. (Love that cartoon!) The other monsters (imaginary friends) are just eyes peeking out of the darkest side of the house. The house was colored the same way Jane did as I loved how hers turned out.

Eleventh day of Halloween
My true love gave to me…
Eleven casks a-leaning!

I didn’t exactly have any casks on hand so I improvided and used a potion bottle plus ten glasses of leathal doses! Remember my plan to use all my Simply Betty Stamps to color with? Well, I was getting down to my last four to choose from (so I’ll have to get more now!) and none really worked so I used one of my first stamps instead, Lola.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that huge eye by now, which is from Inkadinkadoo, and something I’ve been wanting to incorporate into a project all week now. For inspiration I looked up eyeballs in Google… and did you know some people are getting them tattoed?! Nope, didn’t know that either! Lastly I used a left over tombstone from Epitaphs, also from Inkadinkadoo, and the potion and drinks are accessories from Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps.

This completes the 12 Days of Halloween challenges. If you have a favorite of the 12, then I’d love to hear about it! 😀 I’ll lave you with a parting shot of Jude who will provide the music for the credits. Happy Halloween!!

Update: I’m the 2012 DT winner of the 12 Days of Halloween at Simply Betty Stamps!

16 thoughts on “12 Days of Halloween

  1. I have loved following your 12 days of Halloween. You have been so creative in fitting everything in. I particularly liked the creativeness of your eight monsters shrieking. I asked my son if he could find all eight and he said he could only find three. When I explained where they all were he had a bit of a laugh! Thanks for sharing the journey with us.


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