Precious & Aidan

Today at Make it Colourful we have a fantastically fun challenge for you!! We want you to color a sunset with clouds!! Now, it’s really not that hard and there is plenty of inspiration provided from the Design Team … so you should give it a go! And um… in case you’re ready to throw something the shoe… is this when I mention it was my idea?

For my project I used the Big Steampunk Treehouse from Make it Crafty to set the mood. Then complemented it with two images from Tiddly Inks… Precious and Aidan to come up with my scene.

When I colored Precious… I coudn’t help but to use Annika‘s hair color combination for red. ;D It’s been one of my favorites lately! I gave Aidan a pinstriped suit to help brighten up all that black. I would have liked to have a fine-tipped white gel pen but the idea has come across. Then to compliment each other, I gave Precious white stripped elements to match.

The sunset was an interesting experience… and one that I had to use lots of photo inspiration from Google. I narrowed one down and started at the bottom with the yellows the gradually worked my way up to the blues. Between the two I added some purple for the transition. Once that part was done I went back in with a deep purple color and added the clouds. At that point it looked a little flat so I added some white acrylic paint to the clouds then went back in and colored in some oranges and yellows.

I honestly didn’t know if it was going to turn out and even amazed myself. I really liked how it turned out and hopefully will be brave enough to try it again! 😀 The colors I used are: BV23, BV25, BV29, V20, V25, V06, B000, B60, B63, B91, B93, B95, Y32, YR02, YR07, YR09, YR21, YR30 plus the white acrylic paint. Hope you like it and hope you’ll come play along with us this week!

20 thoughts on “Precious & Aidan

  1. Barbara – Thanks for the details on how you did your sunset. It wouldn't have occurred to me to color the sky and then put in the clouds. I really like that idea. I also love the pin stripes on the suit. Thanks for sharing your amazing journal page.Jen


  2. You already know this just blew me away Barbara. I have never seen anything so beautiful.I was staring so hard at the sunset I didn't realize what you did with the image. What a brilliant idea to give him a pinstiped suit.You amaze me hun, my jaw is always on the floor seeing your workxVicky


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