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After watching Annika’s coloring tutorial I decided to dig out my Prismacolor Pencils and give them another try. I learned two things while watching that I wanted to try out – first to use a paper with texture (a good tooth) and second I like how she started with a lighter color first.

The coloring actually worked out easier that I expected and the blending was smooth sailing! I didn’t have to press as hard as before and no minerals were needed for blending. I had to color this one in less than 15 minutes but loved how easily it turned out.

Main Stamp: From The Desk Of (Flourishes)

The border idea is from Jen (Deconstructing Jen). Thanks! ;D

Prismacolor Pencils on Kraft Paper:

PC1031, PC1092, 943, 946, 927, PC1098, 990, PC1097, 988, 966, 968, 938, PC1068, 941, PC1084

Did you know? Grand Island is a town and an island in Erie County, New York, USA and is the largest island in the Niagara River.

[Grand Island, New York,]

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