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I’m always on the look out for great storage ideas but today I wanted to share an idea with you. I needed a way to store my Prismacolor Pencils because finding one color in the pile was too time consuming. I came across these containers at the hobby store (Michaels) and thought they would be perfect.

I created a specialized chart because my pencils are very old so there are a lot of retired colors and names that have changed. To do this, I arranged them all out on the table and fiddled with the rainbow until I was happy. Then I transferred the number order into a spreadsheet, printed it and finally colored it in.

The containers come with one large one and two smaller trays in a bundle. I combined two bundles and used four smaller trays for the pencils which correspond to each column in the color chart. Then I tacked on one of the large trays to carry around the extra equipment and other small items.

This also makes it easy to color on the go… just store a couple extra stamped sheets in the bottom tub then grab and go! I hope this gives you some ideas too and good luck!

4 thoughts on “Tips, Tricks & Techniques 0x01F

  1. Prismas are so hard to organize…I once saw a set that came in a wooden gift box of two trays that hinged up so everything was laid out like organ keys. It was awesome! But….I'm showing my stupidity here…I passed it up because it was $30 more than a set in a tin. What was I thinking?? Now I'd gladly pay $30 for that box since I have to lay out all my trays on my workspace when I'm coloring and its right untidy. :-(Love the visibilty of your idea.


  2. Fabulous idea. Do you have the color chart available? I'm a prisma user too and it's so hard to find information for them! I have a couple go to bloggers that I just love.


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