Fairy Rhiannon

I made this card using the new Fairy Rhiannon from Wags ‘n Whiskers which will be available this weekend! This is just one of many previews you’ll find at the Wags ‘n Whiskers blog today. We will be having previews through Friday ending with a big Blog Hop! I just noticed I’m nearing 100 followers… in tradition, I better pull together some give-aways. ;D

Sneek Peak: Wags ‘n Whiskers Fairy Release
Main Stamp: Fairy Rhiannon (WnW)
Patterned Paper: Togetherness (CC)
Copic Colors:
-fairy: E00, E11, R13, R20, E50, E51
-hair: E55, E57, E59
-clothes: BG72, BG75, R11, R12, R14
-other: G24, G28, G29

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[CAPTCHA, Wikipedia.org]

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