Polka Dot Pals Toby

It’s the release that you’ve been waiting for … the new and improved Polka Dot Pals Add-on Faces is here! These adorable and quirky faces are a fun way to customize your Polka Dot Pals rubber stamps. The clear stamps also make it easy for placement. This set features 32 high quality Photopolymer clear stamps of faces and glasses sized for both the large and small Polka Dot Pals.

We’re celebrating this release with a grand sale AND we have some fabulous guests that have joined us! Visit each of the four days for inspiration and get your Polka Dot Pals Add-on Faces today.
Let’s celebrate!

Be sure to visit each our Wonderful Guests and Little Misses today …
Sue Hastead (Honored Guest)
Kathy Curry
Zoe McGrath (Honored Guest)
Lyn Tomlin

 For my project, I’m using Polka Dot Pals Toby with one of the alien Add-on Faces. I also used the Little Houses in the background. These houses come in both digital and clear stamp form. But during this event, if you order the Add-on Faces then you get the clear Little Houses FREE!

The sentiment was created using Make it Crafty Chipboard and then colored with a black Copic marker.  The blue gems were added to symbolize stars because I thought the background looked light night time in blues and no details. Then I wrapped the bottom of the card with twine to give the houses a solid ground feel.  Lastly, I added a little red to highlight the cape.

These are the Copic markers that I used to color Polka Dot Pals Toby:

B0000, 000, 00, 01, BG02, R00, 11
BV20, 23, 25
C1, 3, 5, 7, N5, W9
V09, 05, 04, 20, 15, 25, 17
R12, 05, 24, 27, 46, 37, 39
YG01, 21, 23, 07, 17, G19, 29
Y13, 15, 18
B91, 93, 95, 97

This release comes with a bang and a FREE stamp! During this event, you’ll enjoy 15% OFF all Little Miss Muffet band rubber stamps plus some holiday Make it Crafty stamps too. If you purchase the Polka Dot Pals Add-on Faces, then you’ll receive the Little Houses clear set FREE. And last but not least, FREE US shipping or $5.00 off International shipping. WOW!


There is so much potential for this stamp set and I’m excited to share with you all the creations today as well as the next three days. You’ll want to make sure to visit each day. Be sure it hop on Facebook and check out the Little Miss Muffet Stamps & Inspiration group for complete details day by day. Give it a thumbs up and join in support.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s release and thanks for stopping by.

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Polka Dot Pals Lirienne

This is Polka Dot Pals Lirienne from Little Miss Muffet Stamps that I used for an eye and face tutorial (a bonus below).  It was fun to use these colors and I’m always a sucker for images with books.  This has been one of my favorites for a while and I had a hard time waiting to post it.  So I hope you enjoy it too!

Come enter in one of your projects into the Anything Goes challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Any stamp, any theme, any project!

Here are the two step-by-step tutorials I did with this image.  The first was how to color the eyes.  I basically follow these few steps anytime but just change the colors a little. Lots of times I wait until the whole face is done before doing the eye.  This helps for when I’ve chosen colors that were too light.  When that happens, then I make it darker at the top otherwise I think she’s a bit too wide-eyed. 

Here’s the other step-by-step that shows how I build the face.  I only use a couple colors but layer it on while blending and blending.  Hope it helps.  If you are looking for something in between a blank face and this, check out the Polka Dot Pals Add-On Faces, available in both digital and rubber. 

Swings ‘n Slides Fairy

Here’s Swings ‘n Slides Fairy from Little Miss Muffet Stamps that I used on this project. I also used this one for a step-by-step tutorial, which I added below so you can pin or bookmark it if you’d like. 

The Snowflakes Chipboard are from Make it Crafty and are always fun to add to a project.  I tried to color these white with the Faber-Castell Gelatos Double Scoop stick but that stuff smeared and got all over.  I don’t know what that is actually used for but not what I was expecting.

Here’s the side-by-side that you can see the colored version and non-colored version. I stamped it in gray and then I was able to change the eye a little so I could add more color.  This also shows the fur vest and shoes, which has a how-to down below. 

Polka Dot Pals Chrissie

This is Polka Dot Pals Chrissie from Little Miss Muffet Stamps which is the one that I used for the face tutorial.  I included that at the bottom so you can pin or bookmark it if you’d like.

For this image I tried to change the light source to come from the lantern.  The clothing was essay to manage but the face was the most difficult.  I pulled up a few images in Google and then tried my best to go against habit and change the way I colored the nose. It isn’t perfect but I like how it turned out. 

Come enter in one of your projects into the Anything Goes challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  Any stamp, any theme, any project!

Coloring the faces is the best part about these Polka Dot Pals for me and it give me an opportunity to experiment.  Here you can see the side-by-side of the before and after.  The Polka Dot Pals also have ready-made faces that you can add if coloring the whole face is a bit scary.  (the Add-On Faces come in both rubber and digital too!)


Pot Plants and Wooden Stools

Sometimes I color an image and I just don’t like how the coloring turned out and this was one of those instances.  I thought the colors were ok and even some areas the texture was good… but I just had too much ink!  But I was prepared to continue on and proceeded to create a card.  Then one of those happy accidents happen occurred and what once was bleah is now oh’yeah!

Make it Crafty Images:

Check out the Make it Crafty blog for all sorts of inspiration!
Here’s the original side:

The scene was created using an image from Pot Plans and also Wooden Stools from Make it Crafty.  When I was applying the sticky tape to adhere it to my card, I saw how the back of it turned out and decided I liked it much better!

So this is actually the reverse side of the image I colored!  I went back in a few areas that didn’t have any color, but for the most part, I kept it as-is.  And it even looks like I went through the effort to color with no-lines.  Who knew?!

Waterfall Tutorial with Ivy Swing

I have a background tutorial that I wanted to share on coloring a distant waterfall on a tropical world, far, far away!  The planet of Avatar to be exact, however, you can use this same technique for a waterfall on any of your projects.  First of all, my project uses the Ivy Swing rubber stamp from Make it Crafty plus a Sugarplums Cherry Emma from CC Designs.  The character was stamped first and masked with a sticky-note then the Ivy Swing was stamped on top of that.  The positioning was tricky but I was lucky this time.

I started with the Ivy Swing and colored the leaves, flowers and birds.  The colors are actually listed down on my paper if you’re able to see them but you’re going to need better eye sight than me at the moment.  LOL  Unfortunately, I don’t have the originals either.   But the tutorial is more about the technique than the colors so you can substitute for the colors that you like.

The next plan of action was to sketch in where the water would be falling.  I looked at waterfall pictures and thought it would be something like this.  Next time I would watch the direction of the splashed a little more but this works for now.  I used a lighter color for this step and will bring in the darker colors later.

Here’s the darker colors I was talking about!  I went all the way to the darkest color in the spectrum and then I’m going to work back to the lightest color.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing at this point and was starting to get second guesses – I thought for sure I messed it up.

For the next couple of steps, the basic idea is to work from the darker colors into the lighter colors.  I’m not going to worry about blending at this point and I just want to layer in the colors.  I used colors from dark blue, gray to light blue and light turquoise.


The final step was to use the blender pen and the lightest colors to blend in all the layers.  The lower part fades off but when I get that cut off it actually looks better.  That’s the end of the tutorial – the next steps are the finish coloring the character and make a card… to be continued!  But you can find the end of that story on another day!  😀

Cheeks and Nose Tutorial

I should be doing a million other things at the moment but I finished the tutorial I was working on and couldn’t resist sharing the step by steps and colors!  I have the full image colored and can’t wait to get it on a card so I can share that as well but in the mean time, I hope this proves to be handy.

The image I used is Polka Dot Pals Leilani from Little Miss Muffets Stamps.  It has a typical dot-for-eyes face and I’ve colored it in using Copic markers.  The colors are listed on the image for each step and shows how to shape and form the cheeks and nose area.  I also have another tutorial for the face that you can see HERE; it uses a different image and different skin colors.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words so I’m not going into detail on each step.  However, with that said, just leave a comment if you have questions on a particular step and I’ll respond with more details.  😀  Thanks for dropping by and have a great Wednesday!

The Paper Project – Experiment XI

It seems that there are an increasing number of alcohol marker choices on the market which gives us crafters a great selection when coloring.  This makes me wondered if all alcohol markers are created equal, however, that question will have to be answered another time and another experiment!  But another question to ask, which is easier for me to answer, is how to the papers handle a different type of marker?

Experiment XI – Marvy Le Plume Alcohol Markers

The purpose of this experiment was to use the same paper swatches that I tested the Copic markers on, except this time, use the Marvy Le Plume Alcohol Markers.  I wasn’t concerned with the differences in the markers, so my focus was on how well the different paper could handle intense blending techniques.  My secondary purpose was to determine which papers I would recommend for this brand of marker, which means most samples were colored three or four times for maximum blending testing.

For this test I used the hat accessory stamp in Taylor from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.
These are the main Le Plume colors used: 
P782, P785, P786, P797, PV78 and AG877. 
The papers are identified in the Introduction and here are the results:
(Click on the picture for a zoomed look.)

And the results?  It was interesting to discover there were a few papers I would have recommended for Copic markers but they didn’t stand up to the Marvy Le Plume markers very well.  For example, papers  GI,  P and Q scored high on the other tests but with this test showed bleeding; and T also did well on previous tests but on this one the colors wouldn’t blend.  Below is a close up of those swatches along with J, one that did well:

As you’ve probably already guessed from the example above, J is one of the papers I would recommend.  I was looking for a paper that I could build up many layers of colors and blend easily from one color to the next, going from a dark gray to a light pink, using six different markers.  It was also important that the paper would accept a lot of ink without bleeding.

Based on this test alone, I would recommend HJ, L, M, and U as being the best papers to color on with the Marvy Le Plume markers.  As secondary choices, if you had them on hand or if they were readily available, would be OV and Z.  (Z is the unlabeled paper swatch, Bazzil Basics Ultra Smooth.)

MiC Alice in Wonderland Release

It’s time for the Make it Crafty to pour a round of drinks at the super special tea party celebrations! Not only are we celebrating the magical release of Alice in Wonderland, but Make it Crafty has turned 3! All thanks to YOU, the incredible artists and the amazing Make it Crafty team!

Let’s dance around from chair to chair, sipping a drink, eating a cake, shrinking then growing with excitement as you watch the entertainment unfold before your eyes. Be careful not to miss the hidden words as you’ll need to collect them along the way and string them all together to form a quote. Simply enter the quote at the end of the hop for a chance to win!

Hopefully you’ve found your way from TRUDIE
but if you’ve just skipped a chair or two you might want to start back at Zoe’s Blog.  
For my project I’ve used three of the newest images and composed a page in my art journal.  It’s been a while since I added a page in there and these kinds of releases are perfect for that.  😀  The images I used are Alice, Hidden Hole and the Chesire Cat.  Many of the embellishments are from Zoe herself (thank you!) and my favorite by far are the gumnut thingies on the lower left side.  I only had three and wish I hadn’t used them up so quickly since those are they’re surprisingly a rarity here in Texas.  Zoe… you need to send me more!  LOL
Now for the best part of this post… a small tutorial on coloring the tree.  Now, mind you, this isn’t a tutorial on “how to color,” rather it a breakdown of how each color is applied.  (For a small giggle regarding tutorials, click HERE and see “How to Draw The Tick.”)
For the tree, I used much the same technique as coloring hair.  The colors I used are Copic E57, E55, E41, E44 and E47 and each panel shows how that color was applied.  I started with a mid-tone brown and worked my way up to the lightest color. Then to add more depth, I went back to a mid-tone brown and finally a dark brown for the darkest areas.
There are many different ways to color this tree especially when you get down to the knotty parts.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them myself until the fourth color!  I thought if a tree like this is going to have a large hole into Wonderland, then a small concave area would be fitting.  You can also fill the area around with all grass or all wood… it’s quiet the versatile little tree.  
The fun doesn’t stop here and if you head over to JENN’s blog
she’ll be sure to treat you with even more fabulous inspiration!

Siren of Pearls

Howdy folks!  Today (well actually a couple days ago) was my day on the Make it Crafty Blog to post something and and I’m here to welcome you back to another underwater tutorial.  This one uses the same steps as the last one, but with a different image, it might give you a different perspective too!  For this project I merged a few images together from the fabulous Make it Crafty store and grabbed one of the gorgeous mermaids to play with… Siren of Pearls.  All the colors and images are listed below in case you wanted to jot those down.

Step 1 – On this image, the sun will be shining into the water from the upper left corner and I start coloring the rays using B52.  Sometimes it helps me to put an object at the top corner so the angle of the rays radiate in a natural curvature.  Once the first layer of color is applied then I’ll remove the object and remember to be consistent on the direction of the rays. For each stroke of the marker, I use the side of the brush tip and always start outside the range of the image then drag in the direction of the ray with a quick motion.

Step 2 – Add darker rays with B93. When coloring an underwater scene like this, I like to start with the ocean background first.  That way I don’t have to worry about being precise and if I make a huge mistake then I can always start over without loosing too much.

Step 3 – I continued to add rays using B00, B93 and B52 until most of the ocean is colored.  It’s okay if the colors are bleeding into the rest of the image since I can either remove most of the color later with a Blender marker.  Plus having some of the blue in the rest of the image adds an overall underwater feel.

Step 4 – Now I change direction of coloring to start from the sea floor and use BG11 and BG15 to color up using the same technique.

Step 5 & 6 – Continue to darken the lower ocean with BG15 and G85 then blend in with BG11 and G00.  I like to pull the greens from the bottom up into the blues but not all the way to the top.  The darkest part is at the horizon of the image but I also add a little bit of color at each ridge in the seafloor.

Step 7 – I return back to add just a little more color using the original colors, B00, B93 and B52.

Step 8 – In this step I add seaweed much the same way I would color grass on another image; the difference being seaweed is more of a wavy line and a lot taller.  Clusters of seaweed are colored in using YG93, YG97, G85, G82 and G40.

Step 9 – At this point I’m able to look at the overall effect of the ocean and usually add a bit more color where I think it’s needed until it’s finished.  For this image, I added a touch of G21 and BG72 then blended a little with BG11.

Step 10 – I colored the rest of the image using a variety of bright colors.  Since the little fish were mostly colored already from the ocean technique, I used the Blender marker to remove a lot of it before coloring them.  I also brought in a little texture by using dots on the seafloor and the mermaids tail.

Step 11 – Once everything is colored, I can go back in with the Blender marker to create bubbles and use a white gel pen to add other highlights.  The pearls in the hair was a technique I learned from Daria (http://daria-pn.blogspot.com/) and loved the effect.

Step 12 – The final step is to trim around the image and place it on the card and embellish it.  Since the image takes up most of the card area, I clustered my embellishments in one area and left the rest of the card as-is.  Of course the scene looks great without embellishments too but I wanted to experiment with the Fancy Ribbon Sliders chipboard embellishments.  😀

Copic Colors:
Sea Floor (B00, B93, B52, BG11, BG15, G85, G21, BG72, G21)
Seaweed (YG93, YG97, G85, G82, G40)
Coral (R02, R05, R08, R29; V12, V15, V17; and Y06, Y18, YR23, YR24)
Fish (FYG1, Y06, Y18, BG57, BG09)
Sea Floor (E51, E53, E55, E57, E59)
Clam Shell (R83, R22, R21, R12, R11, R000)
Mermaid Skin (E31, E30, E21, E00, E000, R12, R11, BV23, E04)
Mermaid Tail (B91, B93, B95, B97, B99)
Mermaid Hair (E71, E74, E77, E79)
Shadows (T3, T4, T5)
Make it Crafty Products:

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Update: I was selected the gold winner at Bastel-Traum Challenge!