That’s not what I thought

This is day two of my boho journey and today I looked up the definition and learned more about it. Oxford said it was “socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists” but I have no idea how that converts to art. In fact, I’m more confused now that I started. The only thing that helped me today was knowing Boho is short for Bohemian. Well, since this is a journey that’s what I went with … today’s project build upon what I saw yesterday but then added “unconventional” and “creative.” Hmmm, ok? My interpretations might be off the mark bu here’s what I created.

Metal Dies:
Boho Circles die set
Boho Moon die set
Boho Rainbows die set

Make a Wish clear set
Boho Alphabet Sentiments clear set

Ranger Distressed Inks
Whimsy Blending Brushes
Hammermill Premium Color Copy 100# paper

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