Teaching in Fort Myers

Last month, I joined Paper Nest Dolls in Fort Myers, Florida, and taught some classes at their weekend retreat. Each of the classes would build upon each other starting with basic techniques to harder ones. Here’s what we did…

Sometimes I think we take too long to color and forget our basic coloring skills. In this class that’s what I wanted to get back to – being able to color without a lot of blending. Making these kinds of cards stretches your creativity and they are also great birthday cards to give to someone who might not treasure them as much as we do. This is Owen with Ice Cream from Paper Nest Dolls. The face was kept simple.
In this class I build upon the lessons we learned from the previous class and took a little more time in blending. The background is Hook a Duck from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and we used light lines to give it a no-lines look. The character is Sleuth Girl from Paper Nest Dolls and her magnifying lens was replaced with a yellow cotton ball for cotton candy. On the face we added shadows around the nose and glasses and also colored the glasses a lighter color.
This last class also built upon the previous classes and we dived deep into creative color placement on the face. This balloon girl from Paper Nest Dolls was colored to look like a clown with a pink nose (or with bubblegum). We give her eyes a lot of details and spent some time shading around the face to define the shape more. This one is my favorite.
This last one was a private challenge given to me to see how I would color the puffer fish. I’ll admit, I had to spend some time thinking how to best emphasize the spikes and this is what I came up with. I then colored the little mermaid just so they could be friends together. Of course, I used creative color placement on the face to brighten her up – both images from Paper Nest Dolls.

2 thoughts on “Teaching in Fort Myers

  1. Those imAges were a lot of fun but don’t remember the pufferfish would love to do that one also Barbara taught a great class can’t wait for the next one.


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