Ups & Downs Elephant

I know the 4th of July has passed but this is a card inspired from the 4th of July and so I’m finally able to share it during this release time. This is using one of the elephants from the Tin Games – Ups & Downs from Whimsy Stamps. I’m traveling at the moment so I was planning to skip any 4th of July celebrations this year. However, one of the roads we took just so happened to lead us right to the most spectacular fireworks show that I’ve seen in decades – and we were right under them! It was so amazing! So that evening inspired this card and to figure out how to color fireworks.

I had no idea how I was going to approach coloring fireworks but knew I needed a dark sky. After coloring the elephant and ground, I jumped in with super dark blues and blacks and colored the night time sky. Then I used gel pens and added the fireworks. From the photos I took the night before, I tried to add four different types of fireworks. I liked how it turned out and hope to return to coloring them again.

List of Common Supplies

Whimsy Stamps:
Tin Games – Ups & Downs
Celebrate Word and Shadow die set
Notched Rectangles die set

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