Animal Tiles – Across the Pond from Whimsy Stamps

Are you ready for something new? I can’t believe it’s July already and it’s amazing that half the year has already passed. Today I want to share with you a new style of stamps that I’ve drawing and have been released at Whimsy Stamps – TILES! These are Animal Tiles – Across the Pond and are so much fun to use! For my project, I created a tiled pond with all the critters and a few extra lily pads.

To create this card, I tiled the stamps close enough that I could make a grid on my card that was 3 across and 4 down. I used each animal once and then filled in the remaining spots with lily pads and lily flowers to create a scene-vibe. The blank spaces around them was colored with various blues, greens and some purple for pond water.

List of Common Supplies

Whimsy Stamps:
Animal Tiles – Across the Pond

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