Mermaid Set from Paper Nest Dolls

Next project we’ll be making at the Paper Net Dolls’ Sun and Fun Retreat is this jellyfish card. I’m using the Mermaid Set from Paper Nest Dolls to create this bookmark with papers and accessories from Echo Park “A Slice of Summer” series. I like to color unexpectedly and not following the lines is a major part of that. That method is called Creative Color Placement and it’s as simple as adding plaid to a shirt, polka dots on a skirt, or in this case, making the dome of the jellyfish transparent. I think it adds a whole new perspective on what can be done through coloring.

One thought on “Mermaid Set from Paper Nest Dolls

  1. At first I was super scared of how to make this card and kept going with your encouragement. As it turns out it’s one of my favorites of the class. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your creativity with us!!
    Hugs, Joy


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