Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium

I’ve really enjoyed the Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium book by Kerry Lord because of the flip pages but also because it’s so versatile. With the experience under my belt, I’m able to modify the patterns to fit my needs while keeping the basic body shape. The kids love it because they can create monsters without even a stitch of crochet.

I created one for my this for my dear friend Janice. The two-suction-finger hands are one of my favorites to crochet.
I made this one for my friend Jennifer. This was the first time I did the furry feet and I often wonder how those loops stay in – especially when they’re cut. How is that done!? I made up the ears and scarf to go with.
This is mostly my creation but still using the same basic body from the book. She took over a year because I didn’t like working with the soft yard that made up the body – its was so dense and difficult to see that I had to mark every-single-hard-to-find-stitch as I went. A massive headache and was so thrilled when finished.

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