Watercolor Practice

I really have no clue on how to watercolor property but I’m studying and watching lots and lots of videos. It seems easy when I watch someone else do it but I haven’t found the right combination for me to make it work the way I want. Especially the wet on wet techniques where I see the colors spread it amazing details. Ah, but alas, at least someone in my house thinks I’m a pro and has asked me to teach her.

Top and right are ones that she made and I think she’s picking it very nicely! I did the one on the left from a tutorial from either YouTube or Artist’s Network TV. I thought I had it bookmarked so I’m sorry I lost that. We used the Winsor and Newton half pan travel set on the scenes and she used Grumbacher Academy watercolor tubes.
This next one was on Craft Perfect by Tonic Studios Watercolor Card cold press paper with a Winsor and Newton half pan travel set. Top is mine and bottom is hers.
Here’s one I did using Strathmore cold press paper and the W&N travel set. I was specifically trying to get that wet on wet color spread and mixing on the paper. Same with the one below.

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