Polka Dot Pals Imogen and Mason Jar

Here’s another version of Polka Dot Pals Imogen clear clear stamped inside the Mason Jar rubber stamp, both available at Whimsy Stamps. This time I went with pink fairy dust in the snow globe and also added some extra features. Can you spot them without me pointing them out?

This image was stamped in a very light beige color ink which allowed me to use something other than blue for the jar coloration. It worked well with the pink.
The Polka Dot Pals stamp line are so fun to color and so versatile as well – you can change the look of the whole image just by giving it different elements and or faces. Here are some of the ones I’ve already colored using the four release from last month and this month. I haven’t even begun to start with the elements yet.
Ok, times up! I added extra twine to create a bow under the bells and then, of course, added a face to this cutie pie and the fairy dust in the jar. Did you get those three? You could probably count the ladybugs as additions too or you can use the ones from the stamp set.
Mason Jar rubber stamp

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