Polka Dot Pals Kacee

This is one of my all-time favorite cards for the season – I enjoyed using Polka Dot Pals Kacee but the best part came from a friend, Janice, who challenged me to color her using her brilliant idea and color scheme. She wanted to see it in a different light, and I too shared in that thought, so we challenged Jennifer to join along. All three turned out fabulous!

I started with the same color scheme and Creative Color Placement as Janice‘s original card and worked on making it more 3D… to “pop off the page” as she put it.  The spider on her card was my absolute favorite so that’s where I began. I kept with the blacks and reds but for the eyes and the darkest black tone, I used my BV colors instead. Sometimes adding in an unexpected color goes a long ways to add depth.

After she was finished, I peeked at Jennifer‘s card and fell in love with her take on it. She did an incredible job!  Her use of added webs was the icing on the top and an amazing addition.  So when I put my Pal on a card, I had to add some of those webs so I could be “cool” like her.

In the end, each of the cards have their own character and it’s one of the reasons why I like Polka Dot Pals so much. With the “blank faces” anything is possible!  Hope you enjoyed this creation and thank you Janice for providing some much needed fun.  😀  Happy Halloween!

The colors I have used on Polka Dot Pals Kacee are:
T1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
BV02, 04, 23, 25, 29
R11, 14, 29, 59

One thought on “Polka Dot Pals Kacee

  1. Well it turned out brilliantly! It was so much fun for me too! I love that her dress shows up in the x-ray. And Jennifer's spider webs were a great addition! Now one of these days I will color her again, with depth, and all the wisdom I gained from you two experts!


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