Pipsqueaks Elephant

I found this adorable book while traveling this summer and had to make the elephant on the cover.  The inside has many other cute animals too, and I’m currently working on some strawberries, but it was the elephant that sold me.   Pattern and ides is from the book is “Pipsqueaks, Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations to Stitch & Love” by Sally Dixon.

Since I was traveling, I didn’t have anything on hand … but I soon did!  I now have a nice little traveling sewing box that I can use to continue creating these felt animals. 

Unless you have to have the elephant, like I did, then my suggestion for the book would be so-so.  Other 3D animals are in the back section such but are limited to a platypus, tiny puppy and some mice.  Almost all the other projects are 2D items such as finger puppets, keychain tags or token envelopes – those aren’t really my style but I think my kids can enjoy creating them. 

I categorized this under “felting” because it this tiny elephant is made from sheet felt, however, they are embroidered together instead of needle-felted.  This will just be an all-purpose felt category.  Enjoy!

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