On Top of the World

I’m feeling On Top of the World!  Well at least my stamp is . . . that’s its name from Gorjuss stamps.  I finally finished coloring this image and put on a card.  I had most of it done in pencil and completed the hair in Copics.  At that point, it sat on my desk for a couple days and I just wasn’t getting to it.  And there it sat.

Then this evening, I thought I’d treat myself to some ice cream.  However, when I sat down to my desk, this image called out begging to be finished.  I thought, well, OK, I’ll put a card together really quick and then have my ice cream.  I can do that!  On my mark, set, go!

I turned on the photo lights so they could warm up.  Then I raced to pull papers, cut them and assembled the card. I managed to remember to antique the edges a little so they didn’t stand out so much.  When I grabbed the Happy Birthday To You chipboard I saw that it was too big.  Ack! 

No worries . . . I was able to cut it down and have it work perfectly.   I used a few embellishments that were scattered on my desk and set the image down with foam dots.  Snap, snap, snap a few pictures and I was finished!  … and the ice cream?  Well, it had melted.  Blah!  I’ll just have to put that back into the freezer and snack on it a different day. 

… oh, wait, what this?  Cookies! 

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