Christmas Tree Surprise Box

I managed to create another Christmas Tree Surprise Box using the instructions from Annie’s Paper Crafts.  This one I made with a more masculine theme for my neighbors.  I didn’t think guys would want something too frilly.  Although I’m not sure I can make anything papercraft related without it being a little girlish.

This makes a great gift box and I took a bunch of photos.  My daughter is in the process of finishing hers and I hope to show that off soon.  She has the box put together and now just needs to decorate it.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 

This box was a lot easier to make than the last.  Last time I didn’t make any mistakes but I fumbled a little.  This time, I knew what to expect and it was as easy as pie.  LOL.

I thought it would be a perfect treat box so I lined it with tissue paper and filled it with homemade goodies.  Yummy!  I hope you like it and thanks for dropping by today.

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