Christmas Tree Surprise Box

I added the Christmas Tree Surprise Box instruction booklet to the store, and ever since, I’ve been eager to make one myself.   I even had fun digging into my little button box to adorn the tree. 

This is my first experience creating something from Annie’s Paper Crafts and it was rather enjoyable.  The booklet includes both step-by-step instructions as well as the cutting/folding templates so you can follow whichever your learning preference is.  I chose the templates to follow and my daughter worked on the step-by-step – they both resulted in a tree box.  Surprise that!  LOL. 

I had actually wondered why this named the Christmas Tree Surprise Box but when I showed off this box to my hubby, I soon realized.  Of course, he felt the box was rather obvious.  However, when I showed how the tree trunk was also a box, he was genuinely surprised.  … and that surprised me!  So I guess the box is appropriately named.  LOL

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