Jumbo Birthday Snails

Here’s the full project of my latest Jumbo Birthday Snails from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I colored just the top half of the stamp and cut it out to focus on the top two buddies.  This idea was from Jennifer as she said it was large enough that surely we could use a portion for a standard size card – and she was right! 

I used some Creative Color Placement on this stamp and had some fun.  It wouldn’t have been as easy on the smaller stamp so this size afforded some creativity.  From the top, I tried to make the snail look like he was wearing glasses.  Then this snail can either be colored with a nose or without . . . last time I did without so this time I colored a nose.  🙂  Then the second snail was given a nose, as well, and also a cheesy grin by adding teeth to the smile area.  It think he’s so cute!  Lastly, the third snail, which you can only see a portion, was colored black to look like a rock. 

I then put the rest of the card together using stuff from on my desk, in hopes to clean my desk up a bit.  I’m not so sure it worked, but I do like how the card turned out.  He he he.  Hope you like it too and thanks for stopping by my blog today.

10 thoughts on “Jumbo Birthday Snails

  1. This just makes me laugh, the big eyes and big smile and their faces, too cute and funny! Love your coloring and that you were able to cut out parts to adjust for a smaller size! ❤


  2. Made me laugh!!! That snail sure hs a set of teeth!Thanks for visiting me and leave a sweet comment – baby bag cards are fun – start with those. I love them.Sandy xx


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