Fancy Sunbonnet Love

I’ve been having fun with all the Valentine colors this week and surprised myself with another project!  This one uses Fancy Sunbonnet Love rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I couldn’t resist coloring the package a kraft color, all ready to be shipped!  I also used another medallion that I created with some white sealing wax and a metal L-O-V-E press.  The letters were also made which I go into details a little further down.  Hope you like it and thanks for coming by today!  *Hugs

I created the letters using air-dry clay and a flexible mold.  After shaping the clay in the mold, I allowed it to try and pressed them out. To give them some color, I used my Copic markers to color the letters blue.  Then for some sparkle, I used some Art Anthology stuff to goop on.  After that stuff dried clear, I was able to glue the letters to my project – and that’s the story!  They turned out better than I thought.  😀

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