Polka Dot Pals Leilani

We have an inspiration blog post at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today and I wanted to display the card I used the for the Cheeks & Nose Tutorial.   I still have the other sheet that I used and was thinking about an eye tutorial… but… maybe another day when I have some more time.  It’s still on my desk, however, so maybe. In the mean time, here’s a warm seasoned Christmas card…

I used Polka Dot Pals Leilani and Palm Christmas Tree, both from Little Miss Muffet Stamp.  The colors were grabbed from a spring paper pad that I have plus a bit of green scraps to help bring in the Christmas colors. 

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Polka Dot Pals Leilani

  1. Awww, such cuteness. I love how you color the Polka Dot Pals faces. I thought I bought the one doing I Love You in sign language, but can't fine her in my LMMS folder on my computer. Oh well, I'll purchase her next month as I want to try the facial features like yours. Hugs.


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