Monster Birthday Balloon

Yesterday I decided I was going to sit down and color this week before doing any of my daily tasks.  I thought if I could get some therapy done that the chores wouldn’t be so bad.  Well, turns out, I got lost at my desk and completely skipped out on the have-to’s!  LOL  So I have some double duty to attend to today but before I get to that, I wanted to share one of the cards I made.

This card uses Monster Birthday Balloon rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  I promised some ideas to do with the balloons last week and this is one of them.  I used the Honeycomb paper from Inky Antics and cut circles out for the balloons.  I also stamped a couple extra balloons because it was so much fun and three is better than one.  😀

This is also a perfect card to go along the challenge theme at Little Miss Muffet Stamps – there is one more week to create birthday cards or cards with balloons on them.  (hint, hint)  Thanks so much for coming by and I suppose this means I need to get to my to-do list.  Shucks

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