Ivy Swings

Happy Holidays!  I don’t have a holiday project to share as I’ve broken out of the mold and created a spring card this week.  I’ve used the Ivy Swing rubber stamp from Make it Crafty and decided to pair it with a sentiment instead of a character.  I suppose this would be the perfect graduation or farewell card since the swing is empty, but in all honesty, I chose the sentiment (out of what I had available) solely for it’s shape.  It’s these kinds of decisions that later on make “deep” and “thought provoking” cards!  LOL 

One thing I wanted to do was to make image vibrant with color and to have all the elements stand out.  So I used many different colors and even grabbed a few unexpected ones to mix in – such as the pinks in the sky and the yellows on the red birds.  Once I was finished I mounted it on a card pulling out the purples and it’s ready for a new home!  Thanks for coming by and I hope this inspires you to make your day crafty.  😀

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