Witchy Boo Betty

I had the fortune to go shopping with my sister – she was running an errand to complete here costume, and I, was just along for the ride knowing that she’d be hitting a craft store!  It was great fun and while I was there, I found so many things that weren’t on my list – imagine that?!  One of those was these black and white lollipop straws sitting next to the Sixlets candy and that’s when the light bulb went off – they’d be a perfect in making lollipop sticks!  And lucky for me, I already had shaker tops to use.  😀

The image I used on this is Witchy Boo Betty from Simply Betty Stamps and I’m entering it into the 12 Day of Halloween challenge.  The challenge is to make something with a shape (the lollipop) but I had to make a card holder to go along with it.  😀

I ended up making three, for my three munchkins! 
All three of them use images from Simply B Stamps.  This one below is 

The last one I made merged two images together from the Jude and His Shenanigan Crew theme:

 Last but not least, is a lollipop holder that my daughter made for her cousin.  We put this one in the mail and had to add extra postage for the sucker!  LOL   
This image from The Greeting Farm and is Wild Sprouts Dressy.
Thanks for coming by and hope you have a great Halloween day!

5 thoughts on “Witchy Boo Betty

  1. These all look fabulous! I love that the second Betty has a white streak like mine; I've had gray/white hairs in a patch since 5th or 6th grade! I have noticed some outside of the patch area in the last year that are making me feel old…


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