Graffiti Party

Here’s my attempt at creating a grunge rock band in the garage – and it may look ok, but this one is actually on my yuck list.  We’ve all got to have them right?  Well, this one is mine for the week.  I think it’s the colors of the background and wish I had done that differently. 

The images I used on this project are many…  from Little Miss Muffet I used Graffiti Party and from Make it Crafty:  Drummer Dude, Rocker Dude, Rockstar Singer, and an element from the Paris Building Digi Elements to create the floor.

Then once I figured I had “lost” the image, I decided to see what a spotlight would look like and if I could add a disco ball effect… disco and grunge?  Yeah, I know, it’s just another example of a bad decision.  LOL  I don’t think the effect turned out well either but you can decide… for me it looks like it’s snowing.

It’ll probably make an ok boy card but I think I should have left it alone when I had the chance.  Calling it good and packing up my bag is something I need to work on.  😀

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