Iris May Hatter

Today I’m 85 miles away from home sharing my day with the lovely ladies at Scrapin’ Goodtime in Corsicana, Texas!!  (Find them Online and FaceBook!)  I’m teach two classes today and excited to share my coloring techniques.  😀  My first class is using Iris May Hatter and the Park Glen Door metal die to create this project…

The two techniques I’ll share on this card is blending with a flicking technique I always use; plus an easy grass-ground I learned from Jennifer.

Funny story about the door knob I created on here… I had cut the ends of the brad close so that the knob could turn and the ends wouldn’t show as it was twisted.  It was pretty fun and I was pretty excited!  So I glued down the door and wrote a little note on the inside for the store that said “turn the knob!”  But guess what?!  Through shipping and a little glue it arrived stuck!  LOL  Eh, it was a good thought anyway.  😀

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