Graffiti MiC

‘Sup Make it Crafty fans?!  Remember the project I was coloring and posted on Make it Crafty FaceBook?  Well, here’s the final result and if you remember the before version then you’ll notice I wasn’t very brave with my ongoings!  LOL  I was planning on casting hard dark shadows and darkening most of it as if a street lamp was the only source.  But I had liked what I colored too much to venture any further.  ;D

This project revisits the Urban Street Collection and also shows off a secrete MiC graffiti sentiment for Make it Crafty fans!  (More on the graffiti sentiments, from Little Miss Muffet Stamps, will be revealed here later this month.  I know, it’s such a tease!)  To create this scene, I’ve used elements from the Urban Street, Factory Elements and Urban Fencing combo packs from Make it Crafty but you can get them all in the Urban Street Collection.  And trust me… you’re going to want them ALL!  The character is a Toxic Teen from Simply B Stamps.  As an embellishment, I took some soft metal I had and used metal stamps to create the “be crafty” sentiment.  ‘Cuz, you know… Make it Crafty… be crafty?! 

The colors were inspired by Faye when she submitted her own project into the teal, mustard and brown color challenge in the MiC FaceBook group.  I was impressed by the mustard color choices and just had to try them out!  The teal didn’t work out for me as well as it did for her, but the general color is there to count. 

Little Miss Muffet Stamps Images:
Make it Crafty Images:
or get it all in the …  Urban Street Collection

Simply B Stamps Images:
Toxic Teens Tommy

I also want to direct you over to Jennifer Dove‘s blog for a fantastic coloring give away that she is having!  Just check out all these goodies she’s included…
Thanks Jennifer for including Little Miss Muffet Stamps as one of your favorites!!  Muah!

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