Moxi and Paris Elements

Make it Colourful challenges are back and we have our very first challenge opening up today!  There’s actually two challenges so it’s easy to play along.  The first challenge is to color something orange and black but the other challenge is to color a spooky or foggy background.  I was deemed to try the harder challenge by Zoe and Jennifer and of course I had to accepted it.  😀  Here’s my project…

The images were put together using Moxi and I used the Paris Elements to create a fireplace.  Jennifer had posted a preview of her project and showed us a fantastic way to color a ghost!  The way she used the colors and the white on the paper really made it glow!  I was inspired by that and so that’s how I decided to color this image.  For the background, Jennifer was very handy with the air gun but mine was packed away for the month and I had to make do with just the markers.  It wasn’t easy and there are a lot of mistakes!

On top of the challenge, I decided to take it one step further and make this ghost really glow under the black light!  To do that, I added a little fluorescent FYG1 to the colors Jennifer used.  I had to be careful how much I applied and it changed the color of my ghost a little yellow.  However, I immediately accepted that change as soon as I looked at it under the black light – wow, it really glows!  Moxi pops off the page more in the dark but this will give you an idea on how much it worked…

I’m not sure how much I like the billowing cloud coming out of the fireplace but I certainly like the whole thing better in the dark!  LOL

No matter what your coloring fancies are this month, make sure to visit the Make it Colourful blog for all the challenge details and then come play along!  We hope our projects have inspired you.  ;D

8 thoughts on “Moxi and Paris Elements

  1. WOW this is amazing, love the way it looks in both lights but in the dark it definitely pops. Im gonna have to try this… although it might result in me having to sit in the dark cos my wee kiddies love anything like that glows, that said i think if that card was sat on my mantlepiece i'd be in the dark even on my own lol Thanks for sharing this awesome card and technique sweetie. Hugs xNx


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