Retro Chester

If you’re a Chester fan you’ll want to make sure to visit the Little Miss Muffet Stamps store this week and pick up Cool Chester at a discount and then check out all the other Chester images that will fall into your basket.  ;D  He’s such a fun loving monkey and great for boy cards too!

This image is Retro Chester and if you don’t know what that things is behind him, you might want to ask your parents.  LOL  But for the rest of us… we’ll have to grab out our old mix tapes and give them a listen for memory lane sakes. The odd thing now days, is I see the large ear phones are coming back in style.  It’s true!!  I guess the little ear buds aren’t as obvious of a “do not disturb” me message as these would be.  For me, however, I find the ear buds to be quite uncomfortable and so I’m glad I don’t stand out as an oldie for wearing the earphones.  😀

If you haven’t noticed this little snake on there, then you’ll want to take a second look.  This is an object lesson for my kids on “what happens when you leave your lego toys around the house!”  I know, I’ll always be picking up the little bricks as I step on them, but sometimes, such as this little snake, they find their way on to something other than the toy table!  LOL

Have you used Wobbles yet?  This card does and that’s why the above image is blurry to show the “wobble” action.  Music… wobble… jammin’ … yep, it all goes together!   You can see other cards I’ve created using the Wobble springs too by clicking HERE.  I’ve created a Label them!  😀

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