Fairy Bear

Get ready… It’s going to be crazy here at ForgottenScraps as I switch from one season to the next and from one holiday to the next!  I just finished four Halloween cards this past week and I still have a couple Christmas cards that are saved as drafts to share… but it continues on!  Valentine cards are coming out hot off my desk and I’m starting a summer card this week with a beach and everything.  LOL  But I’m sure you’ll love it all.  ;D

You might recognize the image on this card as I had shared it about a month ago.   And in keeping up with my New Year resolution, I’ve made a card with it but also had to color up a  new image to go with it.  These are Fairy Bear and Gingerbread Candy House from Make it Crafty. 

I used the same type of texture on the teddy bear as I did from the gingerbread house.  Then I thought it would be perfect on the sweater too but instead of dots I used short dash marks.  I thought it would be just as easy but I had a hard time remembering to make the dashes parallel and also “with” the grain of the fabric.  Luckily I started with the lighter colors and went darker so my mistakes were hidden.  😀

Oh… and I’m excited to say I now only have four Make it Crafty images to do something with and then I’ll be all caught up!!  After that I can count the multitude of Little Miss Muffet images I have colored and will start working on making projects for those too.  I might fall off my chair when I count, however, so I’ll save it for a weekend – it will give me plenty of opportunity to recoup.  LOL

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