Angelica in Flight

Remember those images I shared a while back that were actually colored LAST year?!  LOL  I’m going to make it a goal to have them all made into cards before I go back to school in January.  So I guess you could call that a New Year’s Resolution already!  Regardless, it’s still something I plan on doing.  So here’s the first one of the batch…

This one is Angelica in Flight by Make it Crafty.  There are a few things that I would have done differently if I had seen the finished product first – such as a different type of ribbon as the organdy ribbon hardly apears over the red.  Also, I would have centered the angle more and had her right wing spill out of the box like her dress is in the bottom.  But maybe with her being so close to the left it gives her a since of movement?  Um… yea, I’ll stick with that story!

The wreath charm is from Arabella (Thanks Sweetie!) and I used red liquid pearls to color the ribbon at the top.  Then I really wanted some jingle bells so I used the white thread to tie a bow and added the two jingles at the ends.  Have a great weekend!

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