Bandit Boy Gavin in Winter

Are you ready for some winter snowball fun?  I remember romping around the neighborhood with all my school buddies making snow-forts and having hour long snowball fight!  There would be times my brothers and I would spend the whole day in our front yard building up a fortified snow wall and stocking up the inside with snowballs – of course, we’d get creative too… a pile of snowballs for accuracy, another for total coverage when they hit, then a narrow window there to look out from and lower the wall here so throw them out from, etc.  It was all very scientific when we were little!  LOL

Now that I have kids of my own, I wanted to give them a chance to have a snowball fight too.  Unfortunately living in a warmer climate, that means the snow-forts are now couches or swing sets and snowballs are a little softer and will last year round.  😀  Anyway, I saw this idea in a magazine and had to duplicate it for a few family gifts this year.  The red felt bucket I found at Target and the snowballs were found at OrientalTrading online. 

Then I created a bunch of tags and that’s what I’ve been sharing with ya’ll this week – so here’s another tag!  This image is new to Little Miss Muffet Stamps and is called Bandit Boy Gavin in Winter.  He looks like he’s clearing out the snow off the sidewalks but I’m sure he’ll use that to build the snow fort with!  Thanks for dropping by and I’m off to The Pink Room to gather supplies for the next blog candy.  😀

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