Luna Bitterfrost Stars Rock

This is such an exciting week and there is just so much going on that I feel like I’ve been writing posts every day!  LOL  But that’s great and really keeps me on my toes.  😀  What’s more is I have finally updated and released a whole bunch of new stamps at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today!!  (You can read more about it below.)  I wish I had a card using one of the new images but instead I’m sharing an older one I created during the summer.

The image I used is Luna Bitterfrost Stars Rock by Little Miss Muffet Stamps which was drawn by Pollycraft.  This girl reminds me so much of my daughter because she is currently “into” double braids, just like this image, and she asks for them every day!  I’ve been creative enough that I have about 4 different styles so her fashion statments isn’t quite to monotonous.  She’s happy and I’m happy.  LOL

Anyway, now back to the New Releases today at LMMS… I’m so excited to announce a whole knew set of images called Build-a-Monster!!  There are over 90 elements to play with and an endless number of monsters you could create.  It’s been so much fun that I’ve created several monsters myself!

Take a look at What’s New…

Monster Mash - Monsters Lou and TiaMonster Mash - Monsters KipMonster Mash - Monsters RayMonster Mash - Monsters PatMonster Mash - Monsters MegMonster Mash - Monsters JebMonster Mash - Monsters SidMonster Mash - Monsters HalMonster Mash - Monsters GusMonster Mash - Monsters FloMonster Mash - Monsters BenBuild-a-Monster Complete Mega PackBuild-a-Monster Elements Pack ABuild-a-Monster Elements Pack B

The Complete Mega Pack includes the whole kit and caboodle for endless fun – it has all 90 elements to play with PLUS 10 different monsters that are already completed!!  However, I’ve also created two mini packs that have a selection of the elements into a small package.  Each of the combo packs include the elements in PNG format with transparent background for easy merging.  It will keep you busy for hours!!

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