Steampunk Gang Jacob

Here’s an interesting project that has been on my desk for a while and I finally finished it this week.  The image is Steampunk Gang Jacob from Simply B Stamps and I enlarged it to fill the the card and bring Jacob more into focus.  After coloring Jacob, I decided to go all out and experiment on the background using red tones and keeping it in the earth tones.  This is what I came up with …

Every single time I do a background like this I mumble to myself “it’s ruined, it’s ruined!” LOL  Seriously, it never starts out the way I like it and with all the bold colors being gradually added in splotches, I truly think this one will end up in the rubbish.  It just goes to show that some techniques never look finished until… well… until their finished!

My blending on this one isn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be so I decided to add slashes in the background to hide the fumbles.  It keeps up with the edgie feeling that the image already has and to help them blend into the background I added leaves as a final touch.  After that, it started to look ok and I decided it was time to stop while I was ahead.  He he he.

This fits right into the monthly challenge at Simply Challenged Challenges – the theme is “Fall / School Inspired” and perhaps this is Mr. Newton the new math teacher.  ;D

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