Elven Hestia

I don’t know how I do it but I always seem to be late for my Make it Craft post.  Oh, well, better late than  never, right?  On the MiC Store Blog, remember last time I had colored Elvin Hestia?  Well this time I thought I would create a card from it and to give it a little extra zing, I decided to color the chipboard too.  I selected the largest one I had and brought out my Prismacolored Pencils for the task.  The credit for this fantastic idea actually goes to Zoe when she shared a similar project a while back.

The chipboard on this project is Butterfly Swirls Chipboard from Make it crafty.  As many know, I don’t like to color with my pencils, however, coloring on the chipboard is a completely different story.  I was able to layer the colors and blend them in with no problem at all.  The coloring went quickly – partly because it was a small area and I didn’t have to worry about the lines.  I did, however, try to keep my coloring strokes in the same direction especially on the butterfly wings where it would be noticeable.

I basically used greens and yellows for the stems, silvers and ivory for the bubbles, brown for the butterfly body, and lastly lots of blues for the wings from light blue-cream to almost a black-blue.  I had so much fun on the main chippie that I decided to keep at it and colored the other two smaller butterflies and two corners.

If you have a moment you should visit the MiC Store Blog for all sorts of tips and coloring inspiration – it’s amazing what the rest of the design team has made and I they always inspire me.  Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Elven Hestia

  1. Barbara I love this! The colouring on those butterflies looks so amazing and what a great design. I am going to try your underwater tutorial tomorrow!! Wish me luck! 😀


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