Flag Waving Mae

Happy 4th of July!!  It’s so much fun to have a holiday in the middle of the summer because not only do I not have to do the normal routine, I also don’t have any To-Dos that I’ve saved for a day off!  LOL  So today, I plan to take it easy and hopefully get a bit of a nap in.  😀

For today’s project I put together a fun festive card using Flag Waving Mae and Sunflowers from Some Odd Girl.  Last week I noticed her in the SOG store and decided she would actually be very fun to color up and because her flags are blank, I was able to add a little bit of Texas flare.  The Sunflowers are ones I’ve actually had on my list to color for a while now and it was fun to pair them up.

I’ll have to admit I’m not one to have a lot of patriotic colors around the room.  I don’t know why those colors always look good on the flag itself but down close on my desk they’re always too bright – so lucky for me I managed to find some reds and blues that didn’t clash.  LOL They’re not perfect for the theme but hopefully I was able to fake it.  😀

I hope everyone has a great day whether or not you’re in the midst of celebrating Independence Day.  Who knows what I’ll be up to day but I’m sure I can squeeze in a little crafting too.  😀

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